India Today: Will Linux Bust Windows?

[ Thanks to prasanth
for this link. ]

“Kishore Bhargava of C&B Consultants, who was doing the
demo, now turns back to the crowd and asks-“Any doubts?” Hands
throw themselves in the air, but no one apparently has got doubts
with the installation. Only that the smoothness with which he
installed (within flat 20 minutes) the OS in the Pentium-I system
was incredible.”

More incredible is the fact that Linux has arrived in
India, all the way from the University of Helsinki, Finland, with
its culture intact-the culture of openness, freedom and
The eight-year-old journey has been truly
completed: even ‘print-out’ home-users talking eagerly about the
new zing thing. IS managers swear by its name, corporates offer
both free and commercial support, datahouses churn out new figures
of support every week, and above all, the government keeping a
serious finger on the ‘Enter’ key. Is the millennium shift about to


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