Information Week: We Want Windows — Emerging Enterprises Are Counting On The Win2000 Upgrade To Fuel Growth

“An InformationWeek Research survey conducted in December found
that 75% of emerging enterprises plan to deploy Windows 2000 on the
desktop within a year after it ships…”

“Several emerging enterprises say they’re looking forward to
Active Directory, which promises to track all files, programs,
users, and hardware anywhere on a network…”

“If the directory service does what they say it will… we’ll go
with it quickly, because I want to have only one operating system
throughout the company,” says Howard Jones, CIO at Snapper

“Another Windows 2000 capability, Zero Administration Windows…
promises to greatly reduce the work required to administer PCs…
the system’s IntelliMirror technology keeps a server copy of
everything that’s stored on the user’s machine…”

“Those are compelling reasons to switch to Windows 2000, says
SkyMall’s Dastrup…”

“Rob Enderle, an analyst at Giga Information Group, says the
cost of hardware to run Windows 2000 is likely to be daunting to
cash-strapped growing companies. The move to Windows 2000 on the
desktop will require many companies to replace most of their
existing PCs…”

“… some IT managers at all sizes of businesses, including
emerging enterprises, aren’t convinced… tests with Linux have
shown it to be 40% to 50% faster than NT on comparable