InfoWorld: HP, Dell, and Compaq herald Linux hardware, service plans

“Our customers are asking for Linux support on NetServers, and
we are beginning to see adoption in corporate [markets],” said
Hannah Lewis, HP NetServer product manager. The company will make
Linux available to a broad portion of its enterprise customers with
the qualification of its entire Intel-based NetServer line for Red
Hat Linux by summer’s end, Lewis said. “

“Red Hat will announce next week that Dell and Red Hat have
certified certain configurations of the Dell PowerEdge 1300 and
2300 servers, as well as the Dell Precision 410 and 610
workstations for use with Red Hat Linux.”

“Compaq is announcing next week support for Linux on its Alpha
Server DS20 line. Compaq resellers will have the option of
providing any version of Linux on the servers, and will also
provide the needed support.”

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