Inspiration: Pass It On

“When I was young, I spent my free time at the local creek,
finding as many different kinds of frogs as I could; exchanging
messages with my friends on the block in codes I’d invented; or
disappearing up a tree with my latest library book so I could read
in peace. I didn’t really fit in with the girls my age and there
were few female role models available to me. But then I met Mrs.
Roberts, my tenth grade biology teacher. She was smart, cool, and
took no BS from anyone. I was absolutely enchanted with the view
through a microscope, and I decided I wanted to be a scientist just
like her: designing intriguing experiments and maybe even
discovering a new microorganism or plant. Plus, she got to wear a
lab coat every day, and how cool is that? I graduated from Virginia
Tech with a biology degree, and went on to spend several years at
my dream job as an immunologist/microbiologist in a Federal food
safety lab.

“I made the leap to IT when I moved to Oregon and got a
writing/web design internship, which I turned into a network
management position, filling a few diverse roles: network engineer,
database administrator, programmer, sometime technical writer and
systems administrator…”

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