Installing Linux

“Linux is WAY KOOL – or so the hype goes. Sensing that Linux has
reached the point where a Windows ‘power-user’ can’t ignore it, I
decided to take the plunge. Here are my first timid steps down that
long tortuous road to becoming an accomplished Linux user.

Not for the Easily Intimidated

From the outset, Linux is NOT for anyone whose idea of a good
time is channel surfing a bigscreen TV with a remote controller on
a cozy couch. If you have not used at least three versions of PC/MS
DOS, don’t even consider leaping into Linux. The characterization
of Linux as being ‘DOS on Steroids’ falls short. It is closer to
‘DOS on Amphetamines’.

The Machine

Linux will run on old computers. In fact, it should bring new
life to old 386 and 486 machines. However, in order to keep
disappointment to a manageable level, installation on a Pentium
class machine is advisable. I purchased a 100 MHz Pentium powered
Hewlett Packard Vectra 5/75 with 32 MB RAM, a CD ROM, 550MB hard
disk, mouse, and clone sound card. Cost: $230 plus $16 shipping
from a dealer in Akron, Ohio on eBay. (I had an old SVGA monitor.)
When installing Linux, owning plain vanilla hardware leads to fewer
frustrations. I plan to share my NEC 660I laser printer between my
NEC and Linux boxes. “


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