Installing Ubuntu MATE on a MacBook Pro with UEFI

Back in October, I explained how you can install Ubuntu on a Mac. It was a complete guide that included everything from dual-booting with OS X down to making sure the you’rre able to use the right tools for the initial partitioning.

In this article, we take it to the next level by doing the same with an older MacBook Pro while still using UEFI ala rEFit. Note: rEFit has been depreciated and you may wish to try rEFind instead. For the sake of my tests, I found rEFit did the job just fine on under OS X Mavericks. Some have claimed it’s possible to do this without UEFI, I’ve found that this isn’t really duplicatable -at least not reliably. This will work flawlessly even as the video driver and kernel updates roll in. Also, this guide assumes you followed the previous guide and have successfully installed Ubuntu MATE (or other Ubuntu related distro) onto the MacBook Pro circa 2010 (MacBookPro6,2).