[email protected] Week: Compaq Serves Up A Hot Box [ProLiant 300 Review]

“Tired of servers that burn up, break down, run out of
horsepower or are too cramped for more disk drives? The ProLiant
3000 server from Compaq Computer takes care of those problems, plus
adds redundant hot-swappable drives and power supplies, along with
intelligent software management. If this were a vehicle, it would
be a Ferrari that can go off-road with four-wheel drive while able
to carry 5 tons and tow 10 more, all with a zero-to-60 time of five

“SmartStart software eliminates guesswork for initial
configuration and operating system installation.
installation software supports all versions of Microsoft Windows NT
and 2000, Novell NetWare versions 3.x and up, SCO UnixWare 7 and
OpenServer 5, IBM OS/2 Warp servers and Citrix Systems WinFrame.
Sun Microsystems Solaris and Red Hat Linux OS support is

“Compaq’s SmartStart bootable CD provides more hand-holding and
comfort for new server owners than any desktop PC pressed into
server duty. This shows just one area in which Compaq adds value
beyond the extra cost of the high-performance hardware. A progress
bar across the bottom of the screen remains on screen through the
process, showing all the steps for the installation with a green
bar advancing as steps are completed. Even in the numerous
automatic reboot sequences, the ProLiant puts status information on
the screen, so installers will always know what’s going on.”