BW: Applix Announces Growth Strategy to Capitalize on eBusiness and Linux Market Opportunities

“Applix… unveiled today its plans for creating two dedicated
business units, the eBusiness Division and the Linux Division, and
increasing investments in these businesses for improved market
visibility and accelerating revenue growth.”

“Applix’s Linux Division is a leading provider of
Linux-based applications and technologies. The division markets
Applixware and Applix Anyware productivity applications and tools
for Linux desktops and server environments.
It also owns and
operates several innovative collaborative Linux Websites
(CoSource.com and SmartBeak.com) and has developed a simple, easily
accessible open source scripting language (SHELF). The Company’s
goal is to bring to reality the customer empowering nature of Linux
by becoming a leading worldwide innovator of both open source and
proprietary applications for Linux operating systems for use on the
desktop and over the Internet. The key components of its strategy
are to leverage its Applixware and Applix Anyware technology in the
Linux and ASP (Application Service Provider) markets and promote
the development of additional applications and enhancements by
leveraging its CoSource.com and SmartBeak.com websites.

“The Company had previously announced that it plans to establish
its Linux Division as an independent company…”

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