Intro to jEdit: A Programmer’s Text Editor

“Looking for a powerful, cross-platform, text editor? Look no
farther than jEdit, a Java-based text editor specifically aimed at
programmers but suitable for all types of users.

“Why choose jEdit? If you’re like me and already have a favorite
text editor, (Vim, of course) you might not see any reason to
switch. Every once in a while, though, I like to test drive another
editor and see how it stacks up. If you haven’t chosen a text
editor to call your own just yet, jEdit has some strong

“Naming isn’t one of them — Java plus edit gives you
jEdit. Well, OK, it’s descriptive but dull. It’d be great if
developers could use a little imagination instead of just sticking
the first letter of the programming language to the front of the
program. But, since it’s written in Java, it’s truly multiplatform.
Run it on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, OpenIndiana, FreeBSD
— whatever. As long as your OS has Java, it should run just
fine. This is especially nice for Linux users who want to use the
same text editor at home and work, where Windows may be mandated.
See the jEdit compatibility page for details on the supported Java

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