IPv4 Officially Depleted, Eyes on IPv6

“At a ceremony held in Miami, the last five blocks of IPv4
address space were officially handed over to the five global
Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The event followed the final
request earlier this week from APNIC (Asia Pacific Network
Information Center) that triggered the exhaustion of the free pool
of IPv4 address space.

“With the official ceremony and depletion of the free pool of
IPv4 addresses, the focus now turns to IPv6 adoption as a way to
continue to expand Internet innovation. Rob Beckstom, CEO of ICANN,
noted during the ceremony that the event marked one of the most
important days in the history of the Internet.

“”It marks far more than the transition from one Internet
protocol to another; it marks the amazingly successful growth of
the Internet with people all over the world coming online,”
Beckstom said during the event. “A pool of more than 4 billion
Internet addresses has just been emptied this morning; completely

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