ISP Planet: Linux Streaming Media Solution

By Wayne Kawamoto, ISP

Red Hat and Real Networks bring streaming media to Linux.
The agreement is part of Red Hat’s Enterprise Edition strategy, a
series of alliances with major software providers.

Red Hat, Inc. and RealNetworks, Inc. announced a strategic
alliance to create an integrated media delivery solution that’s
based on RealNetworks’ RealSystem G2 and Red Hat Linux. As part of
the agreement, RealNetworks’ RealServer 7.0 will be bundled with
Red Hat’s open source operating system software and distributed to
Red Hat Linux users.

This alliance is part of the Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition
product line, a series of alliances with application providers
designed to deliver optimized solutions, incorporating support and
simplified configuration of well-known enterprise and Internet
applications, to enterprise customers. Open Source development
enables Red Hat and its enterprise applications partners, including
SAP, Real Networks, Oracle, and Computer Associates, to work
together at the deepest levels of the operating systems to develop
a unified enterprise platform. Red Hat and its partners then work
together to produce a tested, integrated, and configured enterprise
solution that assures maximum reliability, performance, and

According to the companies, RealServer 7.0 offers improved
client connections and scaling, an increase in server capacity (up
to 250 percent), and unattended operation that meets the demands of
delivering high-quality media content over the Internet.

The two companies will jointly market the combined solution
through their respective sales forces and marketing programs.
Service and support will be provided by both companies.

“This agreement offers broadcasters, hosting providers and
corporations the integration and tuning capabilities that simply
are not available with closed operating systems,” says Matthew
Szulik, president and CEO of Red Hat, Inc. “These solutions will
also greatly ease installation, configuration, operation, and
support as well as provide our joint customers with powerful
performance and trusted reliability.”

“This strategic relationship with Red Hat delivers robust
streaming media solutions that directly address the highly
demanding requirements of Internet broadcasters,” says Rob Glaser,
chairman and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc.

RealNetworks also announced a RealPlayer for Linux which will be
made available within 30 days from www.realnetworks.com. RealPlayer
7 for Linux will provide Red Hat Linux users access to a wide
variety rich media experiences including Real.com Take5.

The first joint solutions are available now from http://www.realnetworks.com as
well as from http://www.redhat.com. The Real
Networks Website offers a package
combining Red Hat Linux and RealPlayer 7.0 for $2,995.