IT-Director: Linux a ready-made solution

“Rauch Medien of New York, is one company that has addressed the
problem with the DB-BOX. Simply connecting it to the network, the
DB-Box aims to become a complete plug and play database solution,
supposedly, allowing anyone to manage his or her entire office in
just a few clicks. Using only a web browser the DB-BOX database is
quite easy to set-up and creates a sale, inventory, or technical
support system. It is a preloaded and configured Linux platform
that can be accessed over a network using Windows, Linux, Unix,
FreeBSD, Mac or Windows CE environments. Any device that has a web
browser can access the DB-BOX database. Features of the DB-BOX also
include a RAID mirroring system and UPS for added reliability.”

“The DB-Box is not the only example of a “ready-to-ship”
Linux box. There are over twenty companies in the UK and many more
in the U.S that offer similar preloaded products and business
support services. A whole range of options is available, from
Notebooks and workstations to extremely large server
All suppliers are similar, pricing the basic
workstation package at around £1000, hardware add-on’s at an
extra cost.”


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