IT-Director: The Linux competition hots up as SuSE ups the ante

“SuSE has announced the release of SuSE Linux 6.2 for the Intel
x86 market for August 9th and will be on show at Linux World Expo
in San Jose, CA which runs August 10-12. The release comes on 6
CD-ROMs and includes the latest Linux kernel (2.2.10) as well as a
mass of applications (over 1300) including the usual suspects,
StarOffice, KDE, Apache, GIMP and Sendmail and also Vmware and
RealPlayer. For those who are unaware, VMware runs DOS, FreeBSD,
Windows (all versions) and Windows NT 4.0 applications under Linux,
but as is the case with nearly all emulationware – not everything
perfectly. The Vmware provided is a time-limited edition – which
has to be the most effective way of selling such software because
you only want it if it runs all the applications that matter to

“According to SuSE President, Marc Torres, ‘This distribution
reinforces SuSE’s position as the Linux company offering the widest
range of applications for business and personal use in its
distribution.’ This is probably not hype but a simple statement of
the truth.”

“We have been tracking the Linux market now for 2 years and,
although we are now convinced that Linux will not be stopped – it
will dominate the low-end server market and will take a significant
portion of the PC market – some questions still remain unanswered.
One of these is ‘Who will become the dominant Linux Vendor?’ This
is a hard question to answer because the usual market driving
factors may not apply, or at least may not apply in the same