KDE Built For Speed–Vector Linux 5.8 SOHO

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“Back in January I wrote a review of Vector Linux 5.8 Standard.
The fact that as I write this, over five months later, that review
is still in the O’Reillynet Blogs Hot 25 says a lot about just how
much interest there is in this up and coming Canadian distribution,
a user friendly derivative of Slackware. Back when I wrote that
review I talked about the three different flavors of Vector Linux.
Standard, with a default Xfce desktop, can be compared to Xubuntu
in some ways while SOHO, it’s big brother with a default KDE
desktop, is more directly comparable to Kubuntu. The implication is
that the same code base is used in both. That was true for all
versions prior to 5.8. This time, however, there was a really long
gap, as in almost five full months, between the two releases and a
lot of bugfixes and upgrades were put in. The new SOHO even sports
a newer kernel under the hood: Vector Linux SOHO
resembles a next release rather than a different build of the same
release. It probably should have been numbered 5.9 rather than 5.8
and it does deserve a separate review…”

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