KDEnlive 0.8 Released – Best non-linear video editor for Linux

[ Thanks to dmbkiwi
for this link. ]

“There are some really useful tools there for advanced video
editing and is increasing the compositing features of this editor.
In addition, many existing features have been improved and a large
number of bugs squashed. kdenlive is already a fantastic video
editor (and I’ve used a number of them across Mac, Windows and
Linux) for consumer, and it is steadily progressing to becoming a
great tool for more advanced video editing. It’s so easy to use
that my daughter does all of her Littlest Petshop videos on it
– she in fact prefers it over the latest iMovie –
especially because kdenlive can handle raw AVCHD footage, unlike
many other of the ‘paid for’ editors out there on the mainstream
platforms. If you add the frei0r plugin tool to your system, you’ll
have literally 100′s of filters and transitions to enhance
your raw footage. “

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