KELLNER: Ubuntu Linux powers up

“Is there an alternative to all this? Quite possibly, and its
name is Linux — specifically, Ubuntu Linux. Version 9.10 is
expected to debut Oct. 29.

“The nice thing about Ubuntu is that it really is free: Just
download a disc image at www.ubuntu.com, burn a CD or DVD, and
you’re ready to install it on a computer near you. (Ubuntu will
work on Intel-based computers; PowerPC-based machines can find some
new life with a Linux distribution called Debian, available at

“I haven’t played with 9.10 yet, but I have used the most recent
“stable” release, Ubuntu 9.04. It’s a very nice operating system:
graphical, easy to learn, and equipped, out of the gate, with a Web
browser, e-mail client and productivity suite. It loaded on my
system without crashing the main OS, and it ran well. I could
connect to the Internet without hassle, and thus had a world of
options open to me.”

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