Kerberos authentication with NFSv4

“In past tips we’ve looked at using Kerberos and how to
authenticate various services with it, and recently looked at
setting up an NFS server on Linux. This week we will be looking at
tying the two together to get the better performance and security
of NFSv4 in a kerberized environment. Hold on, there is a lot to
do! And while it may look daunting, it shouldn’t take very long to
get everything set up and working properly.

“This tip assumes you have a working Kerberos environment, a
working NFS server, and a little bit of patience. It also assumes
you are using a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora distribution;
other Linux distros will have similar options although certain
things like NFS or firewall settings will likely be done in
different files.

“To start with, we need to set up our top-level NFSv4 export
directory. This is a “root” container, of sorts, where we can bind
other mount points to it as subdirectories.”

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