Kmart debuts $180 Android tablet

“Kmart began selling an Android 2.1 tablet from Digital Gadgets
for $180 called the Sylvania 7” Tablet. Meanwhile, NEC will soon
start shipping its LifeTouch Android tablet, sales of Toshiba’s
Folio 100 Android tablet have been halted due to screen defects,
and Lenovo is prepping a tablet for 2011, say reports.

“Joining a growing number of Android tablets available in the
U.S. for under $200, the Sylvania 7″ Tablet is now selling at
Kmart’s online store for $180. (The tablet, formally known as the
Sylvania 7” MID Tablet Wireless Mobile Internet Device, was first
selling for only $150, according to a Christian Science Monitor
story, but today’s price is $180. The story adds that the tablet
will soon be selling at Toys R Us for $140.)

“The Sylvania 7″ inch is equipped with a 1GHz IMAPX200
processor, according to a web-page from Digital Gadgets, an
official licensee of Sylvania-branded products. The IMAPx200 is an
ARM11-based applications processor from Infotmic (further details,
here) which is said to support 1080p HD video.”

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