LhD: Linux Hardware Database Overhauled

[ Thanks to LhD
for this annoucement: ]

Linux Hardware Database (http://www.linhardware.com) has
been relaunched. LhD is a site for Linux hardware information that

* User ratings of compatibility and performance
* Workarounds for a product from other users
* Linux driver information
* Resources helpful in setting up a product
* Actual product specs

all tied to well-described product records in a relational
database. This makes it easier for users to find information about
the precise PC compoment they own without wading through many
search hits.

Come to LhD to:

* Share your experience with others by rating the
hardware you use
* Get help in setting up your PC hardware with Linux
* Find which components to buy for your next Linux box

There have been several relaunches in the past two months, and this
is the culmination of them. We are really looking forward to some
feedback from the community.

New features include:

* A new much more readable and printable look
* Improved usability: sortable colums, more informative displays,
shop links, and other details
* Comment-only postings that can be made without logging in
* More data!