Linux Business Week: Can CA Save Linux from the Great Satan SCO?

[ Thanks to Matt for
this link. ]

“It’s dawned on Computer Associates that IBM pays it royalties
for the SMP technology in AIX, IBM’s version of Unix, because of
the work done long ago by Unix icon Locus Computing

“CA says it owns the Locus IP by virtue of its huge $3.5 billion
cash purchase of Platinum technology Inc in 2000. See, Platinum had
bought Locus in a stock swap in, oh, 1995.

“Now, of course, the SCO Group has made a big megillah about the
SMP facilities that found their way into Linux. It claims that IBM
ripped the widgetry out of Sequent’s Dynix version of Unix, which
SCO alleges it had dibs on, and threw it over the wall to Linux to
make Linux enterprise-fit…”


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