Linux.com: Caldera in the Spotlight

Yesterday was Caldera’s day to steal the spotlight. It made
not one, not two, but three announcements of tremendous importance
to the Linux community. The announcements all have something in
common: money, and lots of it.

“Yesterday morning, Caldera announced it has received $30M in
financing from an assortment of technology companies, including Sun
Microsystems and the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO)….”

“Caldera also announced that it has settled its long-standing
suit with Microsoft. The company first brought suit against the
software giant about three years ago, making claims very similar to
that of the US Department of Justice: that Microsoft used
anticompetitive practices to lock their competitors out of the

“Finally, the whopper. Caldera filed for an initial public
offering, only minutes after the Microsoft settlement was
announced. Caldera is the third (or fourth, depending on whether or
not you count Andover.net) Linux IPO, after Red Hat and VA Linux
Systems, both record-breaking stocks….”