Linux.com: Choosing Your Linux Laptop

“The articles in the ‘Portable World’ series generated an
enormous response from the community; so much, in fact, that I
decided to write another series of articles based on reader
suggestions. Today’s piece covers ‘tried and true’ laptops sent
in by our readers. You can also look in the hardware database for
other suggestions.
Clint also pointed me to
http://www.laptopstore.com, where they list specs for Corel Linux
on an IBM 600E, and adds, “IBM has already made deals with RHAT and
also has developed a section, soon to be a division geared for
total support for Linux and Linux based products.” Brian mentions
that thelinuxstore.com sells Linux laptops. There’s also a company
called TuxTops which debuted their preinstalled Linux laptops at
LWCE New York.”

“David, John, Ken, Gary, Seth, and Leigh all wrote in with raves
about their Dell machines. David sent me a great link to his very
informative site about Linux on his Dell laptop. Gary emailed me
specs on his Dell Inspiron 7500: “This beautiful system was built
with an Intel Celeron 466, 128MB RAM, 6GB HD, 15″ active matrix
screen, 8MB ATI Video, and the CD-ROM/Floppy Combo. I purchased
separately a 3Com V.90 and 10-/100-BaseT Combo Card.” Seth also
sent in his specs: “I have an dell inspiron 7500 C433Lt… Celeron
433, 6GB disk 64MB ram, Xircom realport network + modem
(RBEM56G-100), external ps2/USB logitech mouse, External Teles USB
ISDN adapter, Cdrom onboard as well as floppy.” Nice to see all
this pretty hardware working under Linux.”