Linux.com: CLI Magic: Environmental Issues

“One of the things the CLI provides that you just can’t get with
the GUI is the ability to pop the hood open and take a look
underneath–maybe even tweak a thing or two, if need be. This
week–if you can get up out of your GUI strato-lounger–we’re going
to take a look at the Bash shell environment, not only to see
what’s there, but also to learn how to change it. Come on,
pilgrims, we’re taking charge of our environment!

“The shell in which your CLI resides has an environment of its
own. It includes a lot of information used by the shell itself and
by applications you run in it. We’re talking about variables
containing program names, arguments, and paths. To get a better
idea of what sort of information the environment contains, type env
at the command prompt and press Enter…”


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