Linux.com: CLI Magic: Porting DVDs with HandBrake

“The multimedia capabilities of the handheld electronic devices
we carry has increased over the last few years. Devices such as the
iPod and even several cell phones have become music-oozing gadgets
for people on the go. While you can copy your favourite MP3s
directly into a handheld device, DVDs (if you have the right to
copy them) take some effort, due to the fact that the devices have
tiny screens and lack the processing power needed for playing
high-quality DVDs. HandBrake, designed initially for BeOS and then
ported to Linux and Mac OS, helps encode DVDs for your portable

“HandBrake under Linux doesn’t yet have a graphical user
interface and is only accessible from the command line. Although it
requires a lot of libraries, you don’t have to worry about that.
Jam, a software build tool that makes building programs simple,
takes care of downloading all the libraries and compiling them.
Just make sure you have gcc, g++, and nasm installed…”