Linux.com: Learning to Samba – Part 1

“Yes, Samba! Samba is this very funky bit of software written by
the Samba Team (www.samba.org). Samba uses the SMB (Server Message
Block) open protocol to interface with platforms that support it
natively (Windows NT, OS/2, GNU/Linux, Windows 95/98). Add-on’s are
available to VMS, Unix, Apple Mac’s and all sorts of other
platforms. But were not concerned with that at this moment. We are
concerned with getting GNU/Linux to talk to Windows 9x/NT clients,
and vice versa.”

This part of this article will cover the basic installation
of the Samba package, and assumes that you have a fully functional
GNU/Linux system with a network set up and running smoothly.

Otherwise, what I tell you just plain won’t work!”

“First off, get the Samba tarball source package. We will be
using source in this example for a couple of reasons. Source
compiled to match your specific computer is always faster than
binaries, and it’s always more fun to feel all cool and technical
when the compiling code scrolls by! Download the Samba source from:

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