Linux.com: Linux User Groups

“One thing distinguishes Linux from other operating systems: its
diverse and vibrant community. One such manifestation of the Linux
community is the Linux User Group, or LUG. A LUG is a group of
users in the same geographical region which gets together to
discuss everyone’s favourite OS, and to educate others about the
virtues and challenges posed by Linux.”

From personal experience, I’d have to say that LUGs are one
of the best things that have happened to the Linux community.
Without a LUG, I would have a much harder time learning new things
about Linux. Without a LUG, I wouldn’t have found my first Linux
And most importantly, without a LUG, I would have a much
harder time finding people nearby who share the same interests in

“First things first. If you’re not participating in a LUG at the
moment, and you have a bit of spare time to get involved, give it a
try. You can search for existing local LUGs at Linux.com’s LUGs
section, or at GLUE, “Group of Linux Users Everywhere.” If you
cannot find a nearby LUG, and you know a few local Linux users who
are interested, you can found your own LUG. If you want to take
this initiative, check out the HOWTOs first — they provide
invaluable information about starting your own LUG.”