Linux.com: Setting Up Networking in Linux: Mandrake

“Okay, so Linux-Mandrake is your choice of GNU/Linux weaponry,
and you just set up this machine at your home/office, and the boss
(or wife) needs to check web-based email on it, and it’s up to you
to get this box up on the local area network, with the proper
gateway and network settings. The only catch is you don’t have a
clue where to start! You’ve looked at some of the HOW-TO’s on
Linux.com before, but they all seem to be written in cryptic
acronyms that you can’t understand, and the whole experiance has
left your head spinning, and you wishing for a larger cup of
coffee. Well, relax, my friend; this document will show you how
to setup basic ethernet networking up on your Linux-Mandrake

“First off, login to your newly installed system. Providing that
you have a supported ethernet card on this machine (you checked
this out before, but if not, check here). You are now ready to
rock. The most basic installs of Linux-Mandrake come with a utility
called “linuxconf”. But the linuxconf that comes with
Linux-Mandrake is cool as ice! Not only can you completely
configure your system from a text-based terminal console, but if
you’re in X, a funky little GTK-powered tool will pop up! Either
one is completely able to handle the task at hand.”

“In this document, we’ll be covering the X window interface to
netconf, as I assume most users have X setup on their box. If you
don’t, the text-based netconf tool is just as easy to use, but if
you’re having problems, you can email me at (rebelpacket@linux.com)
and I’ll try to help you out.”


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