Linux.com: Window Manager Review

“As promised, here’s the first installment of my alphabetical
review of window managers for GNU/Linux. Why alphabetical? To avoid
a perception of bias, for one. I’m not trying to say which is good,
better, best. What I am interested in doing is creating a
viable resource for those interested in trying different window
I will try to answer the following questions in each

  • what is the current stable release? And what features are
    planned for the next release?
  • Is it easily configured? Are there themes widely
  • Is it GNOME and/or KDE compliant?
  • Where do/how do I get it?”

“Additionally, if I miss your favorite window manager in the
run-down, let me know. I didn’t leave it out of the list for spite,
I either forgot or didn’t know about it. Be sure to include an URL
for a home page so I can check it out. That said, on to the good