Linux Dairy Council Steps to the Plate…

[ Thanks to helios for this link.

“on whole, the general computing public remains
ignorant to the fact that they have a choice in how they use their

“Some that will read this blog will shrug and mentally file it
under “WGAS”

“(you’ll figure it out.)

“Well, there are many of us WGAS.

“I’m going to equate it to a personal experience from a few
years ago. I was in Tucson Arizona on Speedway Blvd, walking back
to my seminar from lunch. At the curb, was a man in an obvious jam.
He was trying to take some small but heavy boxes into a business
from his car. I was able to observe him the entire block and while
he struggled to keep them balanced and in his arms, maybe 25 people
walked by him. Like he did not exist.”

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