Linux Dev.Net Announces Article Repository

Christopher Tan

Linux Developer’s Network
(LDN) is happy to announce the launch of our ‘virtual’ Article
Repository. This repository contains details of articles that are
of interest to Linux and open source developers. The newest 10
entries in this repository are shown in the LDN Journal page. Older
entries are placed in the monthly archives which is also accessible
from the same page. A search engine for the repository is in the
works, and should be available soon. New articles will be added to
this repository as they become available on the net.

Webzine publishers are encouraged to submit details of new
articles (targeted at developers ) to this repository. More
information on how to do so is available at in LDN Journal.

About LDN
The Article Repository is the latest addition to LDN, a portal site
for Linux and open source developers. Some of the other facilities
in LDN are:

  • LDN Journal – Journal for Linux and open
    source developers.
  • Dev.Talk – A web based discussion board with
    discussion areas for various topics related to software
  • Dev.Links – A comprehensive links directory to
    over 500 resources for developers.
  • Dev.List – A searchable mailing list directory
    with over 300 mailing lists.
  • Book Store – A book store with lots of books
    for developers, categorised into proper categories for easy
  • Latest News – LDN brings you the latest
    developers’ news.

The URL for Linux Developer’s Network web site is : http://linuxdev.net.