Linux Distro for Women?

GNU/Linux Distro for Women? Why Not?

“On various women’s mailing lists, a subscriber has ‘for and by
women.’ So far, the idea has met with a cool reception. It might
even be a troll. However, if such a distro ever gets underway, it
would be very much in the spirit of the community, and might give
more women the background and confidence to reduce the gender gap
in free software.

“The demand for a women’s distro might be slight. Truthfully, it
sounds more like a project from the feminist days of the early
1990s than something that would be started in pragmatic


Linux Distro for Women? Thanks, But No Thanks

“The idea is floating around again: Let’s make a special Linux
distribution for women! We’re smarter than that, aren’t we? I say,
let’s spare ourselves and the world yet another pointless and
less-than-useful version of Linux.

“We women make up more than half the population, so by no means
are we a minority. Yet we claim a minority status of sorts in the
IT world, where depending on who you talk to, women make up
somewhere from 20% to 30% of the workforce…”