Linux.ie: Linux in Naas CBS

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for this link. ]

“The school originally had a computer room with approximately 15
386’s and a 486 with modem. The modem machine was used at lunchtime
to connect to the internet and was provided by the Students
Council. In 1998, it was decided that the computer room needed
upgrading. The 15 old machines were replaced with brand new,
PII/PIII computers. There was one printer, and an ISDN line was
installed. The ISDN was connected to one machine, CR1, as was the
printer. In order to access the printer, or the internet, it was
necessary to physically sit at CR1 and work away.”

I was a student in the school,in sixth year, and being
relatively familiar with networks and also wanting to learn more,
proposed the possibility of networking the machines, with the idea
being so everyone could access the printer.
The school agreed,
so a 16 port 100mb hub was purchased, and the necessary cabling. A
simple peer to peer network was setup just using the basic
Microsoft Networking, which allowed access to the printer for all
computers, and file sharing. The network was also hired out to
students at lunchtime. The Internet was also made available through
a limited 30 day trial windows proxy.”

“There were, however, several problems with the network, most
noticeably :

  • Students had full access to the machine and through either
    simple mistakes or malice, several machines were corrupted with the
    end result of Windows having to be installed.
  • The Internet access was restricted to the 30 day trial