Linux Investment Club

[ Linux Today reader Carl Milloshewski writes:

Ok, so how many of you got a peice of RedHat at $40.00? Or were
you priced out of the market?

There are a lot of companies being persued by the venture
capitalists to take their companys public. If you watched all the
dot com’s skyrocket I feel(as well as others) that the next big IPO
craze will be Linux.

I would like to form a nationwide(global) Linux investment club
who’s sole mission is to purchase large shares of these Linux
companies at their offering price. This club will be managed by a
professional management agency. I will not manage this, but I will

To accomplish this you either have to have an enormouse amount
of money or an enormouse amount of people pooling their money.

If you think you would like to participate in this type of an
investment club please let me know.

Details will be forwarded to everyone who requests information.
If you would like information please send an email to [email protected]