Linux Journal: The First Major Open Source Database

“Doc Searls interviews Inprise President and CEO Dale

“Go to the Inprise (aka the Inprise Borland) Web site. There you
will witness two highly significant developments: 1) the Corel-like
linuxification of yet another leading PC software company; and 2)
news that the company has open-sourced InterBase 6, the latest
version of its cross-platform relational database. The product will
be open source in all its versions, including Linux, Windows NT and

“Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls talked about the move
with Dale Fuller, Inprise President & CEO. Fuller came to
Inprise less than a year ago to turn around what was once the
premier franchise in software development tools – and in many ways
still is. What followed has been a steady corporate drift toward
Linux and the open source community, which is a natural
constituency for Delphi and other popular Inprise Borland