Linux Journal: Widening the Playing Field, Doc Searls interviews Ransom Love

Monday, January 10 was a big day for Caldera Systems.
First came the announcement that six large investors had together
pumped $30 million into the company. Then came another announcement
that Caldera had filed for an initial public offering (IPO). Then
there was an announcement that Caldera Inc. had settled its
antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.”

“All three open the path toward an IPO. Given the impressive
recent IPOs by Linux-related companies, this is promising news.
Four of those companies–Red Hat, Cobalt, VA Linux and Andover–are
today worth more than $28 billion, all in new wealth created in
less than half a year.”

“As it happened, Monday was also when AOL announced its purchase
of Time-Warner. This was the biggest merger in history, and news
that blasted away nearly every other story. But at Linux Journal,
we are less concerned with the mating of industrial whales than
about significant developments in our own community. So we got
Caldera’s President and CEO, Ransom Love, on the phone to talk with
Doc Searls about what’s going on with his company.”