Linux Kernel Version History announcements

The original announcement about
this website states that “Riley Williams has an excellent time line
of the Linux kernel releases.”

He has since posted to linux-kernel some announcements:

Riley Williams writes:

Hi there.

For reference, now that the winter term has finished here at the
University of Aberdeen, I’ve started reconstructing missing kernel
tarballs, and the ones I have reconstructed so far are included in
the latest version of my Linux Kernel Version History webpage.

However, due to Monolith shutting up shop, the URL for this page
has now moved, and the new URL is as follows:

1. For the page listing all available URL’s:


2. For the relevant part of my FTP site where the kernels not on
the SunSITE-UK ftp.kernel.org mirror:


Note that with the kernels reconstructed so far, there is a
complete collection from kernel 1.1.70 to date, and earlier kernels
will be added as and when I reconstruct them…

My aim is to obtain and list a complete set of kernels from 0.01
to date, but that won’t be for a few days yet…

Best wishes from Riley.