Linux Magazine: Helix Player & RealPlayer

“Is there any multimedia software that Linux users love to hate
more than RealPlayer? RealPlayer’s bad interface, proprietary and
poor-sounding codecs, and overall poor support for Linux have irked
many a Penguinista.

“But in an effort to appease and appeal to the growing horde of
Linux users, Real open sourced its server software in 2002,
followed by its client software, RealPlayer. Today, after several
years of work by developers, Real’s open source code–provided
under the umbrella of Real’s Helix DNA platform–has actually
turned into a nice piece of software, and is now available for
adventuresome users to play with. Be aware, though, that the
software is still in beta. The code isn’t supposed to ‘go gold’
until later this summer, so you may experience problems. You know
the drill: download early and often, and file bugs to help make it


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