Linux Magazine: Illiad’s Odyssey

[ Thanks to Robert
for this link. ]

“The story of how a Web designer at an unknown Canadian ISP
came to create the most popular comic strip in the Linux community
(with the help of a Cheryl Ladd lookalike)”

“It’s obvious to anyone who takes the time to check that a
preoccupation with laughter is particularly strong in the geek
community. Geeks have a penchant for humor of all kinds, from
acerbic wit to double entendres, and from hilarious British comedy
to the twisted and subversive jokes of Matt Groening’s universe. We
like to poke fun at pretty much everything, even at ourselves, and
this very trait is what prompted me to pull a pen out and start
scrawling funny pictures on blank paper when I was 12 years

“If you ask 20 people what User Friendly is about, you’ll get 20
subtly different answers. Some say it’s a Linux cartoon; some say
it’s a cartoon about open source; some say it’s about the rift
between technical and nontechnical staff; others say it’s about the
pain that technical people suffer when dealing with the stubbornly
unintelligent; some even say that User Friendly is a cartoon about
Internet workers. User Friendly addresses all of these issues, but
I don’t think that’s what it’s about, strictly speaking. User
Friendly’s universe revolves around the simple idea that technology
brings out both the best and worst in people, no matter who they


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