Linux Weekly News for September 21, 2000

Leading items and editorials: The money is back – sort of,
Debian and free software project organization, Has Cisco patented
NAT and :CueCat, one more time.

“The money is back – sort of. Linux investment activity slowed
down markedly after the stock market decline in April, and it has
been slow to recover. This week’s events, however, show that things
are beginning to happen again….”

“Debian and free software project organization. Most Linux users
are aware of the Debian distribution and its status as the most
popular noncommercial distribution around. The distribution itself
offers a massive set of packages, a self-updating capability (for
some years now), and a high degree of stability. It is growing in
popularity, despite its high-profile, venture and IPO-funded
competition. Just as interesting as the distribution, however, is
the complex organization that makes it possible…..”

“Has Cisco patented NAT?. It turns out that Cisco has a patent
on a “security system for network address translation systems”.
Depending on your reading of the patent and what it really covers,
this could be one of the more threatening software patents to come
along yet….”

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