Linuxcare: Running a Web Server Under Linux, Part I

“A Linux user recently asked me to help them install a Web
server on Red Hat Linux system. I simply pointed her Web browser at
http://localhost. Up came a “Test Page,” from Red Hat’s Apache
package, displaying the banner “It worked!”

The point being, most Linux distributions already include
the Apache Web server package and will install it either by default
or by a simple selection from their installation scripts.
for those of us that have installed Linux, no additional work is
required to install a Web server. We’ve already done it.”

“However, it sometimes happens that a given distribution may not
have included the particular Web server we want to use. Or, we may
want to upgrade an existing Web server to a newer version. In that
case, we may have to install one of the many Linux Web server
packages using our distribution’s package management facilities, or
by grabbing a “tarball” of the Web server’s sources, compiling
them, and installing them manually.”