LinuxFocus: Once upon a time… or commercial Unix vs free Unix and more!

“…if you need “small” servers you can trust free Unixes (here,
small means, not a Cray, for instance!).”

“They will be very good at many tasks: webservers, applications
servers (not always, since it depends on the type of the
applications), communications servers… and much more secure than
a few others (guess who!).”

“What is often said about them is they don’t provide technical
support. Don’t be fooled with such a statement! Very often,
technical support is not very efficient. Sorry for that, but it’s a
fact! The main job of the people managing systems, networks… is
to find solutions to the different problems. That’s the way they
learn the most: let’s call that “experience”… and life would be
boring if it wasn’t to seek for solutions :-). Anyway, the idea of
technical support follows its way and most of the distributors
start providing this service.”

The most important thing concerning free software is
probably the word “share”. When we say you can trust free software,
it means the response time is much shorter than the one of the big
companies. There’s a whole community behind it: a problem found
today may get its solution tomorrow. The people from this community
share things!


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