LinuxGazette.net: Installing Gentoo

“As I said in the #102 Mailbag, I’ve been wanting to try Gentoo.
I hesitated to install it because I knew it would take three days
since you have to compile your own software, and I assumed I would
have lots of compilation errors to troubleshoot. But four of my
friends have been running it at their workplaces and say they
rarely get compilation errors–mirable dictu. Three of them are
solidly convinced for Gentoo; the other is a little tired of having
to wait for a package to compile. But everyone says you just run
’emerge PACKAGE’ in a shell window and leave it alone, and 90% of
the time you end up with a flawlessly installed package. No mess,
no fuss, just pure impact. The way Unix was meant to be. This
article describes my experience installing Gentoo, some things I
learned along the way, and describes the Gentoo features I found
the most interesting…”


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