LinuxMall.com: IBM’s Java Tools Knock Out Sun’s

“Beating Sun to what might be its own punch, IBM is emerging
as a heavyweight contender in the Java development arena.”

“This week, Big Blue announced its plans to deliver nine Java
Virtual Machines (JVMs) that support Java 2 v1.3.0 over the next
few months. According to Craig Andrews, director of TSI
Communications Worldwide for IBM, this makes it the first to
deliver JVMs on such a broad range of computing systems.”

“First, Linux application developers will be able to write Java
applications with a production Java version of Java 1.3.0 before
Sun Solaris developers. Solaris users will have to wait for a
production release of Java 1.3.0.” … Andrews said that the wait
may be a long one. “Sun’s Web site says that the Solaris production
release is targeted to ship in the third quarter of 2000. Second,
its availability to multiple platforms points to IBM’s vision of
Open Source architecture. Though not there by any means, IBM’s
commitment to the community and Linux is being strengthened by each
move they make.”


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