LinuxMonth: Can You Handle The Traffic ? – Part 2

“In order to verify that no page on the web site takes more than
8 seconds to load and to ensure reliability of the site,
appropriate testing must be performed. Each web site has its own
method for performing quality assurance. The goal of such testing
is clear: to simulate how the web site will behave when put into
production. Listed below are a few of the testing techniques that
have been used at major web sites. These techniques do not
accurately predict the web site’s quality and reliability. …”

“Well designed web site testing detects problems in the
development computer before such problems appear on the live web
site, thus reducing damages significantly.”

“Web site testing requires at least two separate computers: one
for development, and a second for the live operation of the web
site. The development computer is used to create the initial web
site and add new features. Also, before updating the live web site,
additional testing must be conducted on the development machine.
Web site testing is performed using simulation techniques that
reflect expected usage and real world load as closely as possible.
We verify that the web site can handle double the maximum expected
traffic during peak usage.”