Linuxnewbie.org: Installing and Configuring Tripwire 2.2.1 on SuSE 6.x Newbieized Help File

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

Tripwire is a straightforward tool with a single purpose:
detect any variance in file integrity.
This means that
Tripwire can absolutely, unequivocally determine if a protected
file has been altered in a way that violates the policy set by the
administrator. Tripwire can also determine if files have been added
to or deleted from protected system directories and much more.”

“Tripwire was written to work under Red Hat but with a few easy
modifications to the install.cfg file and the policy text file you
can make it work under SuSE 6.x.”

“With this NHF I have included a SuSE specific policy text file
called suse.txt. The policy text file is used to create a Tripwire
policy file. Note, since I do not have X on my system I removed
references to the X files from the suse.txt file, if you want to
add them back, just copy the X references from the twpol.txt file
and add them to the suse.txt file. If your already confused don’t
worry, this is really easy and you’ll understand more as you get
further into this NHF.”