LinuxNewbie.org: Installing and Using WINE

[ Thanks to Sensei for this link.

-You’re using Linux 😉
-You have an existing windows partition
-You know how to, or already have your windows partition
-You want to use one of your Window$ programs while running

“One of the first things that will happen while you learn to use
Linux, is you’ll say to yourself “I wish there was a Linux
version of…” You may not need to wish any longer. Now, I’m not
saying that there is a version of that program, but, there is a
program that is just as good usually. It’s called WINE, and it
might make all those wishes come true.”

“One of the first things you should know about WINE is that it’s
not perfect, but then what program is? However, WINE is under
constant development and continues to improve with every


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