LinuxNewbie.org: Linux help: In need of a middle ground

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“Although the free efforts of linux users around the world
is most appreciated, I am writing this article as cry for help in
the areas of getting started with linux and help for users just
past the starting point.”

“The complication arising in my great plan of looking for this
help [on the net] is that there seem to be only two types of linux
information. One usually states the most introductory of comments
such as identifying what linux is, explaining who Linus Torvalds
is, and mentioning that linux and UNIX are very similar. The other
will usually begin by assuming that you are Linus Torvalds and
jumps into extreme details regarding the 4096 different arguments
that a command you may use thrice this year needs.”

“So please think not only about the help you can provide
complete newbies and the help you can pass off to other experienced
users, but also the help you can give to users who are past the
starting gate but not that far into the race. This thought goes out
to all of you with great appreciation for all the efforts you are
doing. Free, knowledgable, prevalent help is quite an achievement
and one accomplished by the linux community and failed at miserably
by the corporate computer entities of the world. Thank you for it.
I hope that I can get the level of help I need to contribute to it
in the future.”


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