Linuxnewbie.org: Stormix 2000 First Looks

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

I booted from the CD fine and started the install. The
installer gives you the option of a Graphical install or a text
based install(I tried both).

“The graphical installer is great. It first detects if you have
any SCSI devices then searches for the cdrom. At first it didn’t
find my cdrom which surprised me..but it found it the second try.
Next if I remember right it scanned for my hardware. It found
everything as far as I can tell (my TNT card my RealTek 8029 NIC
all my motherboard stuff..etc) It found my sound card (Ensoniq
1371) but tried to say there wasn’t a driver for it in the kernel!
That shocked me because I know there is one. So I continued on with
the install thinking I’ll just recompile after I install with
support for all my hardware. Next was partitioning. It asks me if I
want to do an express partition a custom one or use partition