LinuxNews.com: Bayonne Bridges Linux Telephony Gap

[ Thanks to mhead for this link. ]

“Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt; but then the Bayonne
project spans distances much greater than the Kill Van Kull. Named
after the bridge that joins Staten Island, NY, with the city of
Bayonne in the developer’s home state of New Jersey, the GNU
project is a freely available multi-line “voice response” telephony

“Bayonne’s developer, David Sugar, describes his pet project.
“The purpose of Bayonne is to provide a service daemon which
can automatically process telephone callers on a GNU operating
system (OS) in an extensible manner,”
Sugar says. “Bayonne
uses extension scripting to specify and control call flow, and is
suitable for building applications such as “Interactive Voice
Response,” telephone based system administration and control, and
voice messaging such as “voice mail.”

“Bayonne represents a logical integration of free software
philosophy with Sugar’s telephony concepts. The elected ISC
[Internet Software Consortium] official and non-corporate member of
the embedded Linux Consortium says he has been involved in what he
calls “source available” software since mid 1970’s. Of his
philosophy on software accessibility, Sugar says, “I always felt
that the fun of software was being able to get something that one
could modify for one’s own purpose.”