LinuxNews.com: Close Enough for Government Work? A Brief History of Linux Security Issues

Linux is up against some stern arguments against its use in
secure government computing–arguments open source security experts
are happily blowing apart.

“The open source development method itself came under fire in a
recent article in Government Computer News titled “Linux not ready
for DOD prime time.” The article’s author, Mark A. Kellner,
postulates that the open source method makes Linux a gamble for
secure computing needs: “Proponents want to keep the Linux core
open by posting source code online and letting anyone have a crack
at modifying it, which could represent a security compromise for
military systems for command, control, communications, computers
and intelligence,” he wrote.”

“The article also points out that Linux does not currently meet
the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) criteria and is not on the
government’s list of evaluated products compiled by the National
Computer Security Center (NCSC). Microsoft is currently the only
general-purpose operating system (OS) found on that list.”


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